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Staff are Awesome!
Had a great experience in Drug Rehab New Jersey. The day patient and outpatient staff are awesome, the community is awesome, really supportive, really motivating. I've been sober since I left, don't feel compelled at all to drink. I'm pretty entrenched in the alumni program. This is one drug rehab that really offers it all, every step of the way. If you are thinking about going to a rehab in New Jersey, I would recommend this program for sure.
, New Jersey Sep 10, 2011

Magnificent Working Staff!
I never thought I could change using my own will power. I proved myself wrong when I checked in to Drug Rehab New Jersey. It most definitely was a process for me, but then creating positive daily habits in rehab, gave me the inspiration that I absolutely needed. Along with the miracle working team of heroes that stood by my side. Thank you all so much for being there for me.
, New Jersey Nov 20, 2011

Very Friendly Staff and Patients!
The stay that I had in Drug Rehab New Jersey was unlike any rehabilitation process I have ever undergone. It almost made me feel like I was living in dream the whole time I was there. I didn't have any friends before I checked in, and now I have made some special, life-long contacts that I will most certainly keep in touch with forever.
, New Jersey Jul 15, 2011

Drug Rehab New Jersey got me the help I needed As a young man, battling with depression and an eating disorder, I was ready to hit rock bottom. My parents contacted the people at Drug Rehab Center New Jersey and they helped them find the right treatment center for me... that could deal with multiple addictions. I love the fact that they only refer to addiction treatment centers that offer the highest quality services. Thanks for your Luxury Drug Rehab New Jersey! I`m a new man!
, New Jersey Apr 25, 2012

I had a crazy youth that turned into a crazy adult life. I was homeless at one point and living a destructive life style. I tried to sober up on my own but I would always relapse. A long time high school who I used to hang with gave me a shot to turn my life around. He send me at Drug Rehab New Jersey and gave me a job after my rehabilitation was complete. I have to thank drug rehab New Jersey and my friend for giving me my life back.
, New Jersey Jan 8, 2012

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